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#29 Digital Watchdogs (with Digital Reasoning)

Episode Summary

We're joined by Digital Reasoning's co-CEO Tim Estes to discuss the intriguing world of Conduct Surveillance. Digital Reasoning has already pitted their bleeding-edge platform against financial misconduct and child sex traffickers. So, what's next for this powerful but some would say controversial technology? FIND OUT MORE - Guest: Tim Estes, Executive Chairman and Co-CEO of Digital Reasoning - Website: digitalreasoning.com - Digital Reasoning on Twitter: @dreasoning - The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data: bit.ly/3j5H2pw - On YouTube, a network of paedophiles is hiding in plain sight (WIRED): bit.ly/2CCWWqJ GET IN TOUCH Questions? Comments? Fiery opinions? We’d love to hear them! Drop us an email at wcn@granttree.co.uk FIND US ONLINE For the latest updates, and even more content, make sure you follow us online Twitter: @wcnpod Instagram: @wcnpod