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#17 Investing Through Your AI Broker (with AiX)

Episode Summary

Enter the world’s first AI broker! We’re talking to Jos Evans, Founder & CEO of AiX, whose NLP-powered chatbot connects human traders directly, replacing the middlemen altogether. The system is simpler and smoother, and more secure - a perfect use of AI. But what will it mean for the broking world? Could this be the start of an AI arms race? Jos answers our questions and shares his vision for interconnected finance. FIND OUT MORE AiX’s website: aixtrade.com Demo of AiX’s platform trading aluminium: bit.ly/2QJP0Z0 Check out AiX’s YouTube Channel for more awesome demos and content: bit.ly/2WIEQeW For all the latest cryptocurrency news: coindesk.com GET IN TOUCH Questions? Comments? Fiery opinions? We’d love to hear them! Drop us an email at wcn@granttree.co.uk FIND US ONLINE For the latest updates, and even more content, make sure you follow us online Twitter: @wcnpod Instagram: @wcnpod